6 Reasons Not to Give Up on Your Hearing Aid

Using hearing aids for the first time isn’t an instantaneous improvement. 

Getting the most out of them takes two things: time and patience. 

If you’re frustrated with your hearing aids and thinking about getting rid of them, here are 8 reasons why maybe you shouldn’t give up just yet.

1. Your hearing aid might need adjustment

This is a really common issue that first-time users have. If you are experiencing feedback, hearing whistling noises, or otherwise are experiencing discomfort with their new hearing devices, that’s completely normal! It’s very likely that there’s something wrong with the fit of your devices and your best step is to get in touch with your hearing care professional to schedule a follow up in order to get the issue fixed.

2. Hearing aids take time to get used to

Listening through a hearing aid isn’t the same as your natural hearing. Much like adjusting to a new pair of shoes, getting your brain used to hearing sounds through the devices takes time to adjust. It’s important to ramp up use time and use them in more and more situations in order to get your brain used to how you perceive sound.

3. your social life and relationships can flourish again

Just think - with hearing aids you’ll never miss a punchline again! A lot of people dealing with hearing loss start to withdraw from social situations because they feel uncomfortable. With your new hearing aids, you may find yourself venturing out more and more and conversing again. Your friendships and relationships will be that much stronger as a result.

4. You'll be able to enjoy music, films, and TV

The sense of hearing is involved in many of the forms of art that we enjoy. By using your hearing aids you can engage with them again just like you used to. Imagine being able to hear your favorite aria from an opera or the thrumming bass line from the Jaws theme song clearly once again.

5. Keeping your independence

Hearing loss is about more than just not being able to engage in social situations or hear your favorite music, though that is extremely important. We’ve written before on this blog about the side effects of hearing loss on this blog and they can be difficult to deal with. Not being able to safely navigate a busy environment because you cannot hear can limit your independence and mobility.

6. Lowering the risks for mental health disorders

In addition to physical side effects, there are mental health side effects as well. Hearing loss has been linked to increased cognitive decline, dementia, Alzheimer's, as well as feelings of isolation and loneliness. While hearing is only a part of the equation here, hearing aids can help reduce your risk factor for these disorders.


Hearing aids are not about completely fixing your hearing loss. 

There is, unfortunately, nothing that can be done there. However, they can make day-to-day things so much better which can lead to the huge quality of life improvements you read about above.

For more ways to get the most out of your new devices, check out our blog post, 5 ways to get the most out of your new hearing aids.


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