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Annie Duchen, AuD, CCC-A

What is an Audiogram and What Do They Measure?

When you visit an audiologist for the first time, the first thing they are likely to do after you’ve discussed what brought you to their office is to test your hearing.

Audiograms are the way hearing care professionals chart how your hearing is compared to a standard baseline and if you have any hearing loss.

Regular hearing testing is an important part of your hearing journey so understanding what the test is and how it works is good information to know.

Read on to find out what an audiogram is, what hearing care professionals are looking for, and more.

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4 More Myths About Hearing Aids

There are a lot of myths about hearing aids and hearing loss that persist to this day that simply aren’t true. 

Vibe is here to bust them! A few months ago, we tackled six other myths a few months back like being too sensitive to noise or that they’re just for old people.

Now we’re back for more. 

Read on for the real answers behind some of the most common objections or myths about hearing loss.

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8 Questions About Hearing Loss You’re Too Afraid To Ask

Asking questions about health-related things can be difficult, especially if you think that you should know it already.

Many of my patients first turn to Google to find out the answer to these questions which can only make things worse. For instance, the last time I searched for what aches and a fever could mean, I was given everything from “it’s just a cold” to “you have malaria” which is a bit of a wide range.

There’s so much conflicting information and access to information available now that we thought we’d spend this week talking about 8 common questions we get all the time from patients.

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5 Tips for Hearing Aid Success

"It's not like my glasses,” one of my patients once said to me. “I put my glasses on and I can see.”

This patient was seven years old and despite years of experience, I’ve yet to hear a better way to describe the difficulty that comes with a new pair of hearing aids.

Hearing aids are a huge aid in helping people reduce listening fatigue, reclaim their social life, and reduce the potentially dangerous side effects of hearing loss. At the same time, there is undoubtedly an adjustment period when using your first pair. 

If you’ve just gotten your first pair, read on to get the advice I usually share with first-time patients using hearing aids.

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